Bloat Survey Incoming Results

Please see below for incoming results from our survey.  Last Updated 3/24/12


Human Name: Keri

Dog’s Name:    Jubilee

Breed:       Weimaraner          Age: 7 at time of bloat/gdv

Did they eat from an elevated bowl? No

Do you use a slow feeder bowl? Yes- stainless steel with bubble in the middle (smallest one)

What food did they have last before they bloated? Innova Evo Reduced Fat formula

How long before your dog bloated did your dog eat?   15 minutes

Did they have water on their food?    No

Did they drink a large amount of water before or after eating?   No

How often do you normally feed your pet? 2 x daily

Please list supplements / vitamins you give your pet on a normal daily basis?  at that time none

Did your dog exercise before they ate or after they ate? No

When was the last time your dog exercised before the bloat onset?    3 hours

What was the going on around the dog prior to the onset of bloating? She had finished eating and was walking
around the living room before I heard the first retching noise

What were the symptoms your dog was having?   She coughed and tried to vomit twice. I knew the sound
was not right immediately. I was able to get her to the hospital within 15 minutes

Was your veterinarian able to diagnose your dog quickly? Yes

Did your dog have Emergency Surgery? Yes

Did your dog have a Gastropexy? Yes

Has your dog had any reoccurring issues or bloated more than once? No

We are so sorry that we have to ask this question. Did your dog survive bloat? Yes

Do you have any advice or suggestions for dog owners?   Feed 3 times per day, not once or twice. Make
sure the dog does not partake in any physical activities for one hour before and one hour after eating. Any
stressful situations for the dog can lead to bloat. The day my Jubilee bloated and torsed she had been to the
vet for her anal glands to be expressed. This was in the morning and she bloated at dinner. She had still been
stressed. Do not put your dog in the car and drive until at least 45 minutes after eating.

Do you think that the chart below would have been helpful to you? Yes


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