How You Can Help Weimaraners

April 12th is National Weimaraner Day. Please spend the day with your Weimaraner (s) and try to help your favorite Weimaraner Rescue Group. There are so many ways that you can help the Weimaraner Breed.

We have listed some ideas below.  Some of these ideas take a couple of minutes and some are more in depth. Please help in any area that you can.  Thank you

1. Dimes For Weims DimesForWeims TheWeimaranercom – Click for printable flyers

DimesForWeims TheWeimaranercom

2. Garage Sales For Weimaraner Rescues

3. Weimathon


Here is a video about Weimathon 
Website = 
Forms =

4. You can also help by contacting your favorite Weimaraner Rescue Group to see what they need.

Most rescue groups need supplies, fosters, volunteers, help coordinating fundraisers, dog walkers, poop scoopers, donations, & more.

5. You can buy things from the Weimaraner Rescue Groups Shops on their Website.

6. Donate directly to your favorite Weimaraner Rescue GroupsCLICK HERE TO FOR DIRECT DONATION LINKS

Thank you so much

7. Create a quilt and donate it to your favorite weimaraner rescue to auction.

2011 Weim Quilt Logo

Weimaraner Quilt – Facebook

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