Parker The 16 year Old Weimaraner

Parker is a 16 year old Weimaraner. He was born August 11th 1997~ He is defeating the odds everyday with his super senior issues including degenerative myelopathy & congestive heart failure yet is still on his journey to hopefully turning 17.

Please read all about him on his facebook page.

Meet Lulu


Want to meet our latest rescue and hear a very interesting story about her? Meet Lulu….One of our fosters in New Hampshire recently had a paranormal type ghost hunter at their home. While out running errands these Foster’s (Scott and Stacy) received a call from the ghost hunters saying that there was a Weim running loose around their neighborhood all morning. They finally got a hold of her and were keeping her safe at their house. Scott and Stacy arrived to pick up the Weim when a lady driving by stopped. They thought she was the owner, but she was not. Sadly, she was only looking after the dog and feeding her because the elderly owner is very sick in the hospital without a good prognosis. The woman wept as she told Scott and Stacy the story about how no one in the family wanted the dog named Lulu and she was going to be put to sleep because no one wanted her.

Strangely, the Weim had decided she had to get out, almost like she knew something bad was about to happen to her. She broke through the glass entry door this morning and got loose. She is cut up but not serious.

Now here is another strange part of the story. Scott had met the owner of this dog about four years ago at a doughnut shop. The owner had told Scott how his kids pressured him into getting Lulu the weim and he felt badly because as he was getting older he knew he only could provide the dog with a few good years. Scott told the dogs owner that he would make sure that his Weim would be okay. Scott is going to take Lulu to go visit her owner tomorrow to say goodbye.

Lulu is on an anti seizure medication and is approximately 6 years old. She is good with other dogs and is still a bit shaken up from her adventure today. She will be seen by a vet this week for a check up and to get up to date on vaccines. We have a prospective foster home for her, but will be seeking back up offers in case something does not work out. Lulu is in Hillsborough, NH. If you are serious about fostering Lulu, and within driving distance email

Well Lulu has been on quite the adventure! You may remember WRN volunteer Scott was reconnected with her after meeting her and her elderly owner year earlier and happened to be the one the people who found her after she broke out of her house as her owner was in the hospital and his family was going to have her euthanized. Lulu went to visit her former owner Walter several times while she stayed with Scott and Stacy (see pic). Walter was so grateful to know his baby would be ok..Well Lulu is with her fosters Dave and Roberta. They started off on vacation in NH. On Tuesday, they returned to Dave and Roberta’s home and we are happy to hear she has been doing great!

Lulu is very spoiled as she gets to go sight seeing, running errands and for hikes in the beautiful parks of Connecticut.
Dave and Roberta write-
“Today, I wanted Lulu to have a long run. She loves to follow scents, so I took her to a state park to run some trails. Camp Columbia state park (The 600 acres once belonged to Columbia University and were mostly used as a summer program for the Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Technology & International Affairs departments). Lulu had her nose to the ground, ran & jumped from side to side picking up scents. She loves the outdoors.

Next, we’re researching The White Memorial Conservation Center, which is 4000-acres with more than 35 miles of trails, through varied terrains. Lulu gets to run some good trails and we get some good exercise – win/win”.

We are happy Lulu is having so much fun and getting so much attention! Every Weims dream thanks to Scott, Stacy, their “ghost hunter” friends (if you read the post above you will get it!),Walter, Dave and Roberta! Dave and Roberta are so wonderful, they even plan to take Lulu to visit with Walter next time they go to vacation in NH. Amazing people!!!

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This is comes from the Weimaraner Rescue of the North

Weimaraner Rescue of the North

Weimaraner Rescue of the North is a small group attempting to save weimaraners that would otherwise be in danger. We work with other weimaraner rescues and try to assist when they cannot help. Serving NY/PA/OH. All adopters are thoroughly screened

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Gilbert Grape and The 12lb Tumor

We hope that you enjoy this great story about Gilbert Grape.

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor1

A Weimaraner rescued from a kill shelter has been given a chance at a normal life after having a cumbersome, watermelon-sized tumor removed from his chest/abdominal area.

A few days ago, a dog was brought into the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in New Mexico after being left at a kill shelter. They had seen bad cases before, but staff members could not believe their eyes when they saw the downtrodden dog, encumbered with such a massive tumor.

“We feel sympathy for him while at the same time we struggle with the fact he was so neglected. How could he have survived all of this time? All we can hope for any animal who is being given a second chance is that it’s not too late; this dog is no exception,” their Facebook page read.

The six-year-old was named Gilbert Grape, and the nonprofit organization took him to the emergency room. He was given pain medicine and antibiotics, and put on an IV catheter. Blood and urine were tested, and an ultrasound performed. He also needed a blood transfusion. He was made comfortable, and vets were consulted about the tumor.

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor2

“We consulted 4 veterinarians and a board-certified surgeon. The consensus is that the tumor very well could be benign, as it is pedunculated, meaning it is a stalk of tissue growing independent of other tissue. Yes, it could be malignant as well, there is always that chance. His blood work is relatively normal (with the exception of elevated white cells from the infectious, necrotic tumor) and he is otherwise seemingly healthy, even though we are aware there could be malignancy not showing up on blood work.”

Tickled Pink didn’t want to wait, and prolong Gilbert’s suffering. Their choices were to go ahead with surgery, or humanely euthanize him. It was a difficult decision, one they felt was unfair for them to make after only knowing him a few hours – who were they to decide?

“After all of our consults and a few hours of iv treatment, the Weimaraner stood up and walked towards our volunteers looking us in the eyes. We felt that he was telling us he’s not ready to go; he’s fighting to live and we want to help join him in his fight.”

Gilbert is looking much happier, and doing one of his favorite things, that he hasn't been able to do in more than a year - lie on his belly!

Gilbert is looking much happier, and doing one of his favorite things, that he hasn’t been able to do in more than a year – lie on his belly!

Surgery it was. They began a fundraiser with a goal of $6,800 for medical expenses. People touched by Gilbert’s story rallied and nearly $12,000 was donated.

He made it through the surgery and has spent the last few days recovering. But it will take more than just rest; Gilbert is believed to have been living with the tumor for over a year, and has a hard time walking without it. His center of gravity was affected by it, and his weight distribution is unbalanced. He requires some physical therapy, but will likely learn how to walk normally.

Gilbert Grape-less is currently in a loving foster home, and some have already expressed interest in adopting him. The gratitude and sparkle in his eyes has overwhelmed Tickled Pink staff and supporters with happiness.

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor4

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor5

UPDATE: Gilbert is healing well and looking happy with his new bed and toys, thanks to the generosity of strangers who sent them to him!

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor7

9.18.13 - Weimaraner Tumor6

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