Weimaraner Rescue of the North

Weimaraner Rescue of the North is a small group attempting to save weimaraners that would otherwise be in danger. We work with other weimaraner rescues and try to assist when they cannot help. Serving AK/MA/NY/PA/OH. All adopters are thoroughly screened

Weim Rescue of the North 1

2 comments on “Alaska

  1. Hello! I am in search of a weimie to rehome/adopt. I’d love more information about what up I have available, we have a wonderful home and are waiting for the right puppy to join us for forever.



  2. There is no longer a functional Alaska Weimaraner Rescue! I found this out in 2012 when I attempted to contact them to save a Weimaraner in an Alaskan pound that was going to be euthanized. I desperately tried emailing and calling every phone number and email address I could find repeatedly with no response. I was able to get that Weimaraner out and he is living a wonderful life in Florida thanks to a collaborative effort with the dog rescue ranch. Unfortunately no one with this rescue was around to help the Weimaraner that was euthanized in a pound in Ketchikan Alaska in 2011 as well.
    Even though our rescue is based out of New York state we try our best to help Weimaraners honors in Alaska in imminent life or death situations.
    Weimaraner Rescue Of The North/ NYS Weimaraner Rescue
    You can also find us on Facebook!

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