One comment on “Mississippi

  1. Hi, My name is Misti. I just lost my 2rd weimaraner (Tyrone, 11) to a progressive neurological disease. I lost his mother (Kirby, 10) several years ago to an incurable liver disease. Since it gets so hot in MS during the summer, I want to wait until the fall to get a new one but want to be on the lookout. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I got Kirby from a breeder in South MS about 15 yrs ago, but I am unaware of any current breeders in the area. I would take a young rescue dog also if a good fit with my 5 y/o English pointer. I am a physical therapist and able to come home for lunch a time or two a week. I have a roommate who works around the corner and can come home during lunch also. I can provide a very good home and have the monetary means to care for a Weimar (Lord knows, they can get pricy!!) 🙂

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