Weimaraner Reading

Suggested Reading – WCA Book List

Weimaraner Ways by Virginia Alexander & Jackie Isabell (Sun Starr USA 2010 Special Edition) .. The most in-depth study of the breed and its history to date, the book is fascinating reading from cover to cover.

  • 915 + pages, with 36 updated chapters, 32 now in color.
    Including agility and NAVHDA
  • More than 1500 images, most in color.
    Many never before published
  • With fresh works by: William Wegman, Gene LaFollette, and Harry Giglio

Could have heen named the Weimaraner Bible with no shading of the truth. Contains many photo’s by William Wegman and the book is full of photos and art as well. This is available throughwww.weimaranerways.net or by caling 1-800-WWeimar or (301) 428-0841.

Weimaraner Memory Yearbook: The Weimaraner celebrates 100 years! Here is a book detailing the exciting celebrations about this historic event held in Weimar, Germany 1997. The layout is fashioned in a “Yearbook” style to utilize as many photos and graphic images as possible. The reader will discover an abundance of breed history. The text is featured in a unique bilingual presentation. Each book features a film laminated, case bound cover measuring 9″ x 12″, smyth sewn text, individually shrink-wrapped, and a page count of approximately 255.The Weimaraner Memory Book is published and available. Please contact author Deborah G. Andrews for ordering details at furstpless@hotmail.com or go Go toweimaraner100.com for more information.
Weimaraner Heute (The Weimaraner Today) by Dr.Werner Petri. April 2001. In the German language. Available through amazon.de. For assistance in ordering “Weimaraner Heute”, please contact Deborah Andrews, WCA Liaison to the German Weimaraner Klub e.V. atfurstpless@iolinc.net.
The Weimaraner by Jack Denton Scott (Fawcett-Dearing Publishing USA 1953) This is the oldest known book about the Weimaraner and is extremely rare. Contains articles from early Argosy and Field and Stream magazines about the Weimaraner in the US. Of inestimable value is the discussion of the earliest theories of the origin of the breed. Also includes the complete text of the first accepted US Standard and the rejected 1949 version of the standard. Excepts from several of the first issues of The Weimaraner Magazine of the WCA of which Mr Denton Scott was editor
Weimaraners by Anna Katherine Nicholas (TFH Publications USA1990) This is ‘a first book on the breed’. The edition of 1983 contained 24 full color photo’s and 125 pages, the edition of 1988 125 full color photo’s and 160 pages and the latest is (1990) over 175 full color illustrations and 192 pages. This book presents sensible, easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for a Weimaraner.
Searching for Silver-Grey by Liz Harding and Debbie Ryan. – Australia.(2005)This book, of over 400 pages, traces the first 50 years of the Weimaraner in Australia and includes many photographs of the foundation dogs of the breed. A large number of these have never been seen in print before. “Searching for Silver-Grey” contains photos of many prominent dogs in the Australian pedigrees, past and present; imported dogs from England, Germany, America, Canada and New Zealand. A large section of the book is devoted to a Breeders Listing that gives a pictorial description of the breed as it will be found in Australia today. The book is a hard covered edition approximately 8½” x 12” in gunmetal grey. Ordering details contact Liz Harding at gundog@netspace.net.au or go towww.ghostdog.com.au/ for further information.
The Complete Weimaraner by William W. Denlinger (Denlinger USA 1954) This is the second oldest American book about the Weimaraner. It is a difficult book to find. An excellent book to understand the origin of the breed in Germany and the breed’s arrival to North America. Many old photographs.
The Weimaraner by Anna Katherine Nicholas (TFH Publications USA 1986) 288 pages. This is ‘the follow up’ of Hart’s ‘This is the Weimaraner’. The book has less history, but more on the current state of the breed, mainly in the US. Contains lots of color photo’s. Gives an overview on Weimaraners in Hawaii, Canada, Australia, England and South Africa.
Patsy Hollings wrote her second book on the breed, The Essential Weimaraner, by Ringpress Books, Lydney UK. It contains 168 pages and was published this year (presented at the Crufts in Birmingham in March) . She describes the development of the Weimaraner, bringing a puppy home, showing, working and breeding Weimaraners, whelping and rearing a litter, diseases and health care, winning kennels in the UK, the Weim worldwide and a special chapter on the Weim in North America.
The president of the German Wemaraner Club, Dr. Werner Petri wrote a book called “Der Weimaraner Vorstehhund” (The Weimaraner Pointing Dog). The second edition is of 1984. It contains 51 pages in German on the history, the breed standard, the breeding in Germany, training and field trials and so on. It has some old pictures of the early days of the Weimaraner in Germany and information on who owned a Weimaraner in those days in Germany.
A booklet (only 18 pages) might still be a collector’s item. This ‘book’ is called ‘Weimaraners …. as pets’ and was written by Evelyn Miller in 1958 (published by TFH). It contains a guide to the selection, care, training and breeding of Weimaraners.
How to Raise and Train a Weimaraner’ by Arthur Libers and Paul Jeffries. A nice book, 96 pages, with lots of pictures useful as a first introduction to the breed.
The Weimaraner Manual by the Weimaraner Club of Washington D.C. (Area Inc USA 1978-1994) 178 pages and intended as a compendium of canine information from numerous sources to assist new Weimaraner-owners in caring for, understanding and enjoying their Weimaraners. Initially made as a Welcome Manual for new members of the Weimaraner Club of Washington D.C. but in view of the great demand updated and reprinted for all Weimaraner owners everywhere.
On the list was the book by Gillian Burgoin called Guide to the Weimaraner. Gillian also wrote ‘The Ragstone Handbook’, published in 1984 with lots of information on the breeding program of her kennel (Ragstone), which is one of the oldest kennels in the UK. This book contains 74 pages.
This is the Weimaraner by Ernest H. Hart (TFH Publications USA 1965) 256 pages. An out of print book that is occasionally found at book dealers specializing in pet books at dogshows. Many photos of the great American Weimaraners that are the foundations of most of today’s lines. A nice history of the breed.
‘Know your Weimaraner’ by Earl Schneider, published by the Per Library ltd. It also contains a overview on the breed, 64 pages and lots of photos in black and white and color.
In France there is a book called ‘Le Braque du Weimar’ by Catherine Lansard (Vet) and with a preface from the former president of the French Weimaraner Club (Cercle des Amateurs de Braque du Weimar) Dr. Daniel Boulet (vet). The book contains 120 pages and is in French. It has chapters on the history of the Weimaraner, the FCI-breed standard, deviations from the standard, genetics, and working with Weimaraners (field trials) in France.
In Weimar, 1995, a book was presented by Karl Meier on the earliest history of the Weimaraner (also in German).It is called Weimaraner Chronik and it contains copies of the first breed registers and pedigrees of the Weimaraner and articles in magazines early this century.
The Dutch Weimaraner Club published a book in 1989 called “De Weimaraner”. It has lots of photo’s, and chapters on the history in Germany, Austria and Holland, the longhaired Weimaraner, the Dutch Weimaraner club, the FCI breed standard, choosing and raising a puppy, health and care, the exterior of the Weimaraner, training the Weimaraner, the Weimaraner as a working dog, field trials in Holland and Germany, kennels in Holland, Dutch show-champions and so on.
The Weimaraner by Charlotte Wilcox, (Capstone Press 1999) A pleasantly written book containing 48 pages and lots of photographs. A nice, elementary introduction to the Weimaraner breed.
Weimaraners by Judythe Coffman (TFH Publications 1998) This is a new owner’s guide to the Weimaraner. The book contains 160 pages and has lots of illustrations and photographs including pictures of the longhaired Weimaraner. The book offers information about the breed, care instructions, sport, health, etc
No photo De Weimaraner- Second edition coming soon! It has already been 10 years ago that the first book on the Weimaraner in the Dutch language was issued. The first edition was 269 pages; the second edition will be 400 pages including a full update on the Weimaraners bred in and imported to the Netherlands, new chapters on the Dutch, German and Austrian fieldtrials and more.
Mr. J.P.F.C. Vrek wrote a book on the breed called ‘De Weimaraner in Nederland’ in the Dutch . It was published by the Dutch Weimnaraner Club in 1982 and contains 52 pages. The book mainly describes working with Weimaraners
The clubs of Australia and New Zealand made a book called The Australasian Weimaraner in 1991 (published by the Weimaraner Club of New South Wales) It is in black and white with 161 pages and resembles the Pictorial History printed by the Weimaraner Club of America. Lots of information on Weimaraner breeding, (show)champions and so on ‘down under’.
Guide to the Weimaraner by Gillian Burgoin (The Boydell Press England 1985) 342 pages. A more current book written by an experienced breeder and judge on Weimaraners who believes in breeding Weimaraners for the field as well as for show. The focus is mainly on England and Europe. Some unique features are translations of German documents and terms, British standards, registrations, regulations and a photo gallery of British champions
The Weimaraner Today by Vicky Bambridge (Ringpress Books, England 1991) 158 pages. More of a ‘first book on the breed’ Contains 18 chapters (training, showing, trials) and an interesting chapter on the Weimaraner in Scandinavia. However, no one subject is covered in depth.
60 Jahre Östereichischer Weimaraner-Verein (ÖWV, Austria 1984) Only 32 pages, issued at the jubilee of the Austrian Club. Contains photo’s ofthe founders of the Club in Austria and their Weimaraners (Prince Hansvon Ratibor Hohenlohe, Ofr Dipl.Ing Otto Stockmayer).
Running in – please pass by S. Glanville-Hughes (SGH England 1992) Sylvia Glanville-Hughes writes ‘Notes from a Novice’ for the Weimaraner Association’s Newsletter and she was persuaded to write this book (40 pages) dedicated to one of the most exasperating, exhausting, frustrating, pig-headed, loyal, loving, hilarious, intelligent and addictive breeds in the world; the Weimaraner!
Weimaraner, The Official Video Collection of the American Kennel Club(Ringpress Books, England 1993).
No Photo, sorry Le Braque de Weimar… d’abord un chien de chasse (French Weimaraner Club 1992) The French Club (Cercle des Amateurs du Braque de Weimar) made this video in 1992. It is in French and has beautiful pictures in which the specialty show of the French Club, fieldtrials, retrieving tests are shown. Contains marvellous images of Weimaraners on point.

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