Quiz – Is A Weimaraner Right For You?

The Weimaraner Quiz was created to help you in your decision to see if a Weimaraner is right for your family.  If you take the quiz and a Weim is perfect for your family you will then have another choice:  Do we find our Weimaraner using a Weimaraner Breeder or Weimaraner Rescue?

Weimaraner Quiz  “The Weim Quiz”

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28 comments on “Quiz – Is A Weimaraner Right For You?

  1. I have just lost my companion Weimar of 9 years, Maya, having had several Weimars before her since 1950 (as a child of 7) when my dad bought our first one from John Huston, the movie producer in Hollywood (as he was getting too busy to care for her – Winnie the Pooh). Registered name of Winnie Mae of Keystone, but she did Pooh a lot!.

    We would like to research a rescue Weimar, as “for sale” Weimars are rare in this Cental California Visalia area. I am a “retired” duck hunter, 70 years old, but had been taking Maya, my deceased Weimar, for walks (and runs) in local fields up until Dec. 23rd of past year.

    She passed away on Christmas Eve from Adrenal Gland Cancer, sudden and with only 12 hours notice. Maybe an older “rescue” Weimar, Female, would be better for me than training a new pup at my age.

    With Hope, Respect, and remembrance of Maya.

    Dr. Walt Weckwerth, DDS, Retired

  2. My God, we have had 5 Weimers. I HOPE we have been doing something right. In fact, in 1953 when all the neighborhood cats “disappeared” we got a congratulatory citation from the local husbands who hated their wives multitude of cats and excess kittens.!!! The Wives HATED Winnie the Pooh, and all the husbands LOVED her. Dr. Walt, RET

  3. I have been a weim mom for about fifteen years.I lost my old girl about a year ago. But throughout the years, I took in many weims that needed forever homes because usually the people usually bought them because of their beauty, but they had done this with no ill will towards the weims they bad bought, but the one huge problem I ran across was that they had never done any research on the breed of dog and the huge personality that they were getting by buying this beautiful breed. My family and especially me, have mourned the passing of my old girl. So we are in the beginning stages of looking around and trying to find that special dog that can be a permanent part of our family. Thank You for your time, Angie (northeastern Ohio)

  4. …we were so fortunate to find a 9 year old female to replace Maya, our 9 year old who passed Xmas Eve…thanks to the Northern California Weimaraner Rescue group….Dr. Walt

  5. We lost our sweet rescue Weim girl Hildy April 10th at 11 years old. We had her for 9 very quick years. She was a total joy unto our lives. My first Weim and best dog I/we ever had live with us..A gentle sweet angel. I miss her terribly and she cannot be replaced easily and not very soon. All who knew her had tears in their eyes when they heard of our loss. I received 6 sympathy cards which lets you know how special she was….Joe D’Andrea (retired School Administrator)

  6. I lost my Koda a week ago to bloat. He was 10 years old and truly, the most traveled and active buddy for me:) I did not have much time- it happened so suddenly. I’m not sure of how I can help others at this point, but will research to find what my best fit is going forward…. Debsznba@gmail.com

  7. I lost my best friend of 11 years 2 weeks ago. Hayley was the best companion anyone could ever ask for. Her endless love for our family was undconditional. I never knew the love of a dog like I experienced with Hayley. I miss her so much. Best dog I ever had……..

  8. I can’t imagine my life without Leopold. As I was recovering from breast cancer surgery August 11 he passed away on August 26. A great personal loss. I’ve had many other dogs in my lifetime but he took my whole heart and filled it with love and gratitude. I am most grateful for his companionship and love all of the 10 years. He runs with the angels now. God’s peace to all of you who also lost your beloved companions.
    Sr. Carol Therese

  9. We lost our beloved 8 1/2 year old Lizzie a week ago Thursday. She suddenly developed chronic breathing problems diagnosed as congestive heart failure that we now feel was lurking for years evidenced by her collapsing every 8 or so months, but from which she would immediately bounce back up. The happy news is that we’re rescuing Cyrus, a 3-4 year-old Weim and bringing him home Thursday. We went to meet him this past Sunday as he was convalescing from neutering surgery. Life is about to get better for Cyrus and all of us!

  10. We miss our Weims – we lost both of them within a year of each-other and not a day goes by that we don’t talk about them or look at their pictures. We’re so excited of the possibility of going through the process to adopt another Weim – they are the most loving dogs!

  11. My guy is almost 15 and we’ve been together since he was eight months old. Your quiz is spot on. Buster has jumped through windows, found rat poison, tangled with an alligator, discovered bloat at an advanced age, killed a chicken and pal’d around with a kitten. He has given me a thousand kisses and never given up on his quest to be a lap dog. I love him fiercely and treasure every moment we have together. If you like your privacy and alone time… a Weimer is not for you.

  12. Lost my boy Gunnar to mast cell CA 4 months ago. We fought a hard fight and with the help of Purdue University many trips for surgery, chemo and radiation we came to the end of the road. I am 68 yrs and getting ready to retire. I can’t imagine my life without a weim. I’m still very active and he was my third weim over my lifetime. I adore them and their personality, loyalty and yes there energy. I did learn the importance of being the master with each weim and Gunnar was the absolute product of this lesson. He was the best companion ever. With all of this said I’m wanting to know the best way to proceed. I want a puppy I can train, but want to be sure I get a dog without genetic health issues. Where do I begin?

  13. We miss our Weims too. I had CJ for 14 years. Went through bloat and knee surgery with her. She got a neurological disorder that her feet and brain were not communicating any more. Hardest thing I had to do. She was my best friend, protector, cuddle buddy, kept my feet warm when I washed dishes. Stubborn, wouldn’t let me new husband come to bed if I was already asleep. When I moved into my home in 1992 there was not a fence. I hired a contractor and got her a fence, neighbors cat knew the limits of her chain and would taunt her terribly. Well the fence was done and the cat would walk the top of the fence and taunt her more. She was so powerful she nudged the fence and the cat fell in, end of cat. She was so smart she would open doors, steal canned food from the cupboards. We got a rescued pointer while we had her. She looked at him like a little brother, he had had it bad where he came from. She accepted him and loved him and they bonded. They went everywhere together. Just wanted to share.

    • Yes Anmarie, the Weim girls are a special breed aren’t they! Loved your story. We are coming up to 2 years since our girl left us on April 12, 2013. Can’t bring myself yet to get another. Loved your story Joe D’Andrea Penn Valley Ca.


  15. Weims came into my life at the age of 35. Our first weim was given to us and we really didn’t have a clue about weims. His name was Fla, he was the Houdini of weims, we would put him outside and when we would come back he would be in the house, he once ate 3 doz., cookies off of the counter that our house sitter left (yes, we did tell her do not leave anything on the counter)… I could tell you tons of stories about Fla! :). Fla taught us a lot, everything in the above quiz has he was. He was 2 when we got him and lived until 6 when he died of liver failure. When we had Fla, we purchased a backyard weim puppy, (Sasha) who had a lot of health issues and was a awesome girl who lived until 11.5, Fla, taught her a lot.
    When Fla passed, we rescued a 4 mo old weim, (Sage) who got under my skin like no other weim has she was my beloved Sage. She was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor which was removed at OSU, we enjoyed her 3 years after her surgery..we lost her last year in Sept/2015 after she collapsed in the house…gosh she was a trooper… (she tried to get up).. She lived to 11.5 years of age. At one time we had 3 weims because we fostered Riley for a rescue and ended up adopting him when Sasha passed. Mr. Roo, as we call him is 7. While he seems ok to be alone we often wonder if he would like a companion. So we are down to one weim and we are contemplating about getting another weim, a female weim. Oh and I will be 65 in a couple of months…

  16. Looking to give Molly a furever home.
    We live in Canal Fulton Ohio. We had a Weimaraner for 14 years and have now an English Setter for 10 years.
    We know Weimaraner pretty well, we have 2 teenagers at home and we all love dogs.

  17. We had 2 weimaraner which both died after having their companionship 14 and 15 years. Now our hearts are empty with them gone and would like another young male..we have 13 grandchildren which also miss our dogs …

  18. I have always loved Weimaraners! They are beautiful dogs. I could not have one due to renting, but no that we have our only home I would love to have a weim.

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